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Kiki's Domain
Where weird not only reigns...It pours
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30th-Nov-2009 09:57 am - Good gods, she is still alive! :O
Stock - Blue Daisies
I cannot believe it has been this long since I have updated. I am almost in shock! This new university is way more work than I would have thought. Well, actually, I do not even know if it is the university or just Japanese. =/ That class takes A LOT of time to study and prepare for.

I have been kind of burnt out this semester, too. My sleep schedule is completely messed up and I keep getting insomnia on and off. That plus the hour drive to the school kind of makes life tiresome. *sigh*

Life isn't bringing me down that much, though. :) I have had some sad and stressful moments but I have managed them well. Overall, I have stayed my peppy self. :P

I am working on banners for my icontests right now and Skye (my sister to those of you who are new or did not know) is helping out. She did all the catch up for our shared icon contest and is doing the banners for one of my other contests right now, as well. You rock, Skye! <33

Let's see, let's see, other big things...Oh! I am seeing an advisor next week to begin the planning for studying abroad in Nagoya for a year. That will happen next fall though so not right away. :) It is looking like a friend of mine will be going there too at the exact same time. And my new best friend is probably going to Nagoya in the Spring. Yeeessss, I don't have to go alone! X3

Sorry that this post is pretty much school related and short. I am in lab right now, waiting for class to start so I do not have much time. :) This week is going to be pretty busy for me (finals are next week -.-) so I do not know when I will next post but I promise that it will happen and that it will not be all about uni. ;D

2nd-Sep-2009 11:31 am - Time for a quickie. ;D
AVPM - Slytherdouche
I'm bored in the hallway at school waiting for Japanese to begin. I've been waiting here...oh, an hour and a half? ._. I've probably got another 30 minutes before some friends from class show up to keep me company (and then another 30 minutes before class actually starts!).

I got a small cold over the weekend. DDDX IT BEGINS AGAIN! *flail* I rested, drank fluids, and consumed cold medicine like it was going out of style! Next week, flu shots start being given out so I'll be getting one of those. (^o^)v And then I'll get the H1N1 vaccine sometime in October. I am not getting sick this year, damnit! >.< Okay, so I probably will. -.- But I will not go down without a fight! RAWR!

Anyway, I really need to get better at managing my icontests. -.-; I felt SO bad having to extend everything this week. ;_; And more extensions will be coming up because I am going to AWA in a few weeks. That, I probably will not feel guilty about though. :P Sorry, icontest sweeties! I love you all bunches but I deserve a weekend away from my life! XD

Of course, before I go to AWA I have to write...*counts*...4 papers. o.o I, actually, did not know it was that many. Ha. Okay, no, I can handle that. Maybe.

Oh, well. I'm ignoring that for now. Off to check my email, bbs!
10th-Aug-2009 10:08 pm - It lives...IT LIVES! O.O
Stock - Blue Daisies
...My god, I'm tired and insane.

I have not updated because I have been enjoying life WITH NO COLLEGE CLASSES. *dances* Okay, so classes start again next week and that sucks so freaking hard but for now, I am free from school. From any intellectual thought at all, really! Although, that is the standard outside of my classes. :P

I've went on a crash course of new addictions. I watched all of Hetalia and wandered around the fandom. I have watched A Very Potter Musical three times in as many days. *points to icon* If you do not know what A Very Potter Musical is, go find it on YouTube and watch it. Now. (Yes, now.) I sort of started to like Fresh Pretty Cure. *wince* I watched one episode and hunted down fanart. :P

Old stuff that was promised (and I never did cause I suck procrastinate. XD;):

My Birthday: Went fantastically! :D Mom got me stationary/desk stuff (which I love almost as much as pens!). Skye got me a new purse (*squishes Skye*) and wallet! :D I also went to see Half Blood Prince with my BFF and her boyfriend as a special treat. That was fun and resulted in us outside the theater mocking the movie and being ridiculous.

Tiff's Cast: And Cuteness! She actually got her cast changed last week to a different style that lets her move around easier. :)

I will hopefully post more this upcoming week and if I do not do that, well, you will end up seeing me around a lot more when I go back to school and have classes to bitch about. XD Luffs you guys! <3
20th-Jul-2009 07:44 pm - I have yet to die!
Stock - Birthday Girl
...I think I've used "I'm not dead!" as a subject title before so I decided to spice it up. :P

To sum up my absence from LJ:
- School sucks and is evil and is hard
- Transferring schools sucks and is evil and is hard (forms and immunizations and a Tuberculosis test DD:)
- The anniversary of my Grandmother's death. Not the funnest time for me. ):

But onto happier things! My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 24! I shall celebrate by going to class, going to get a tuberculosis test and then going to class! Whoo! \(^o^)/ LOL! In all seriousness, it will end up being a good day because I am just peppy like that. XP Plus, I told Skye and Mom that I did not want anything for my birthday and then they went out and bought me stuff. I cannot wait to find out what they got me! Skye looked so suspicious. >.>

Oh, and I got a Heresy (the GazettE fanclub) pamphlet thing-y in the mail last week that I will be scanning soon. So, those of you who friended my because of my ~*illegalness*~ will have it paid off soon. :)

Anyway, I have to go get started on a Spanish paper I have to write. But I've missed you guys and I hope to check out everyone's journals soon! *squishes f-list* <33
29th-Jun-2009 08:45 pm - Header Change and a Meme
Spongebob - Laughing
I changed my header! :D This one is T.O.P. from Big Bang. ^^

I've been getting into Korean music lately, hence the T.O.P. header. XP Boy Bands from anywhere are just too fun to laugh at *cough* watch. >.>;

Anyway, I'm bored so I did a meme! :D I took this one from pixelwater! <3

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character from each item.

Only 13 from me because I couldn't think of anymore. :P Feel free to guess even if you barely know the subject. (I do that when I see these lists. ^^;)

1. Harry Potter
2. Stargate Atlantis
3. Stargate SG-1
4. Naruto
5. Yu Yu Hakusho
6. Ouran High School Host Club
7. Gundam Wing
8. Dragonball Z
9. Star Wars
10. Futurama
11. Family Guy (this one is easy ;))
12. X-men (comicverse/movies, whatever)
13. NCIS
28th-Jun-2009 05:21 pm - *tired*
Disney - Alice Glowing
...I need some sleep. I have had a lot of trouble falling asleep for the last week or so. I did not sleep at all some days, actually. Thank goodness I have the next week off of school. Of course, my Spanish teacher assigned a composition along with several pages of homework to have done before classes begin again. ._. *sigh*

Anyway...A big hello to all my new friends here on LJ! :D *waves* I believe most of you have friended me because of my the Gazette ~illegalness~ over at rllysrsphotos. ;D If you have not been friended back by me, it probably means that you never told me that you were friending me. =/ You need to do that soon if you want to get added back.

I did not sleep Friday night so I went icon hunting instead. ^^ Last night, I removed a few from my userpics and added around 10 or so. I, of course, have a TON more that I want to add but I get paranoid about filling too much of my userpic space and then not having room for more icons. o.o; I think I need therapy.

An update on this post: Tiff's surgery went fine and I visited her that night. She reached straight up for me and starting babbling away. :) I could not hold her which upset her some but we held hands and clapped and she ended up being really content with that. She looked like she was on some good drugs too. :P She only stayed in the hospital overnight and she is back home. As soon as I get some pics, I'll share them. :)
17th-Jun-2009 09:23 pm - *ded*
Stock - Blue Daisies
...Owwww. *whines*

I have an allergy headache. And an allergy throat-ache. And an allergy body-ache. ;_;

At least, I hope it is allergies. If it isn't then that means that it is a cold or something and no. Just no. *sighs* God, I hate my immune system so damn bad.

I have too much stuff to do to get sick. I need to post winners and reminders for my icon contests (which probably won't get done tonight since I feel miserable DID IT! :D Go me!), make graphics for x_makeawish_x (I will get to them soon, I swear!! x.x;), I have to give a presentation in Spanish class tomorrow and then study for my Spanish final that is on Monday. I really cannot get sick now.

I think I need to reply to some comments here on LJ too. ._. I have no idea which ones, though. *scratches head* I think I probably need to just go to bed.

*wanders off*
3rd-Jun-2009 10:32 pm - Posting a meme to cheer myself up!
Spongebob - Laughing
...And the only thing better than a meme to cheer yourself up is a Disney meme! :D

Taken from wickedly_evil! :)

Pick your top 10 favorite Disney Songs. This was a little hard because I had forgotten how many songs from Disney movies that I actually liked. ^^ I ended up choosing ones that I either have on CD or know most of the lyrics too even though I haven't listened to them in forever. XP

To the meme!Collapse )
22nd-May-2009 04:46 pm - I suck at updating don't I?
Harry Potter - Luna Lovegood
...You guys can be honest. :P

In all seriousness I just haven't been in the mood to update or even really be on the internet. =/ Most of it was probably me feeling really out of it from the pain and nausea meds I was on after the wisdom teeth surgery. I have never been on Percocet before but at least now I know that I like them. XDD Ha! Just kidding! They worked well on the pain but I had really weird dreams while on them. o.O

Then I started my summer college classes this week and that was just a bowl full of fun! ._. I have a night Calculus class and I am taking a half-semester Spanish course. I started that class on Monday and I had my first test on Thursday. O.O Por Dios. But I've mostly gotten used to the schedule and homework now. :)

Lena wanted pics of my new laptop so here they are! Laptop Closed & Laptop Open (oooh, LJ!)

It is pretty, huh? ^^ I am still hating Vista, though. *grumbles* My PSP8 won't let me crop without crashing. >.<;

Well, I've got to go get ready for work. It looks like on top of everything else I am probably going to start nanny-ing at night again. It will probably only be once a week, though, instead of 5 days. So that is something. :)

Oh! And I've got two DreamWidth invite codes if anyone wants one. :D
12th-May-2009 10:03 pm - My wisdom teeth are finally gone!
Stock - Purple Butterfly
...And I never have to go through this agony again! Whoo! :D

The following has some talk about IVs and pain. Nothing too graphic but I don't want anyone on my f-list to get upset because I did not cut. :) <3

So, cutting this just in case.Collapse )

And that is it! I was really nervous both today and yesterday but it turned out all right. I'm expecting more soreness for the next few days and I cannot eat any hard foods yet but I did get some yummy mashed potatoes for dinner! :D

Oh, and I forgot to add in my last post that I bought a new laptop on Sunday! ^^ It is an HP and silver (and shinyful, too! XP). I'll be "customizing" it and adding all my stuff onto it in the next few days. Then maybe it will start to feel more like my own. <3

I am off to bed right now. :) The meds are making me feel pretty loopy. It is a nice feeling. XDD
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