Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Stupid Yahoo! Groups...

I was spammed half to death today with people freaking out over a rumor about Yahoo! purging lurkers in groups. *rolls eyes* Idiots. It's a free mail service...They aren't going to delete your email if you haven't been posting in groups. The mods are being great in a few groups, though and have been telling people to stop, that the only way you'll get deleted is if your email has been unresponsive for a year. All you've got to do is check it. Not send out "Hi, just doing this so I don't get purged!!!11!11 Xd" messages to every single group you are on.

Sorry, but that type of thing annoys me to no end. I don't mind a few of the same posts (I.E. crossposting certain posts on LJ...sometimes seeing the example icons of someone's post 3 times makes me that much more likely to check out the post. ^^) But when I get 80+ (Not even joking about this number) emails in my mailbox it annoys me. I damn near broke my mouse button hitting delete so hard. o_o; lol

Ok, so the college adviser/councilor lady. lol She was sort of helpful, if a little pushy. I've got all my classes scheduled and since I was late signing up for classes there was a lot of planning and reorganizing, etc, etc. I'm taking English 101, Math 101 (Beginning Algebra), Chem 100, and Western Civilization.

Western Civ was the only Humanities course available due to the schedule of my other classes. =/ They also didn't offer the Eastern Asian course I wanted in the book. *sigh* Eh. I'll be ok. I like history in general so I'll be happy. As well as, you know, petrified about starting college. hehe

I'm going to check my friends list and randomly surf the net until I have to start dinner. =D

P.S. I can not stop staring at the icon I'm posting with. @_@
Tags: college, real life
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