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Real life...

A few posts ago (the one where I announced my hiatus from the internet for Deathly Hallows) I made a comment about a meeting someone and that I'd explain later. I just remembered I had done that so, apparently, later is now. ^^;

The man I met with was a math tutor. *deep breath* I'm going to college.

I haven't put too much personal stuff on this journal or anywhere on the internet, actually, (What I consider personal are the things I talk about to no one except for my family, close real life friends, and close, close internet friends) so I'm not going to go into too much detail.

I will say that due to medical reasons I could not attend college. But what had ailed me has gone into remission and I now, finally, can follow a few dreams. =) I'll be starting college this fall and am very excited as well as terrified. I will continue to live at home for money and support purposes.

I'm being tutored in math due to forgetting the more complex things I learned in high school. Thank goodness I love English and grammar so much that my skills stayed intact. ^^;

I won't be on the internet as much when I begin college. I'm pretty addicted to it so I think I will find the time to get on a fair bit, though. Besides, college will stress me out so much I'll probably end up back in therapy or on medication for anxiety and will need the internet to soothe my nerves. A little mindless surfing, reading fanfics, and icon hunting goes a long way. ^^

I haven't been commenting on anyone's journals much anymore. (I'm specifically talking about nightand_day. Sorries but I still luffs you!! XDD is so not a stalker)

I've been tired a lot lately and trying not to have anxiety attacks. =/ I've had a few little ones but haven't hyperventilated, so whoo! XP Mostly I've been thinking about what I'm going to do in the future and if I can manage to make a career for myself or if I'll even manage to make it through school. I plan to study foreign languages, i.e. linguistics (my passion) and major in engineering. (What I find an interesting field and would love to be a member of.)

I guess I'll see if I make it through everything. I've got support though. =) My mom keeps telling me that if engineering seems to hard, just get out. "Just about every college student changes their major. Trust me. You probably will, too." She says it with this annoying little smile on her face that she has the right to wear. I found out yesterday that I went through about a million different things I wanted to be when I was little. Apparently, I suck at making up my mind. I already knew this but I didn't know my mother knew that so well that she is smirking at me in that infuriating little way. XDD I love it though. She's a wonderful woman.

And this is getting long so to finish it up, I'm meeting with a counselor tomorrow to go over some stuff. I'll try and update tomorrow afternoon and tell everyone how it went. :D

Hope all of my friends have enjoyed/will enjoy their Diru concerts, checking out the pics of Miyavi at Bonn, and ranting about the LJ boldthrough. =)

Tags: college, real life, teh sick
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