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Layouts, the Interwebz, and bats, oh my!

Skye-chan didn't like her old LJ name so she changed it. Saturday is "spend the day together and end it by watching Naruto and then having fangirl moments", so we decided to go out since I didn't have to work and then I helped her change her name, re-add all her groups, fix her profile and then find her a new layout.

"I didn't like the name and the old layout was just a default one and was really..plain, you know? And you did say you would help me if I wanted a layout."
"So, you steal the interwebz so I can't get on and expect me to find and setup a layout for you?"
"Yes, and what is the interwebz? Like, the internet?"
"Yes! Ok? Sheesh. Give me the laptop and let me find you a layout."

That was how our conversation basically went. =D I found her a layout from a wonderful community that is now on hiatus because very rude and inconsiderate LJ users were not crediting and were changing graphics when told not to. The layout is of Alice Nine. It is so pretties. *_* hehe I didn't even ask her if she liked the layout...I just started setting it up. XP I'm horrible.

My mother told me today that because I leave my light on until all hours of the night, bugs have taken to flocking to my window. Which attracts bats, who leave guano (for lack of a word that won't make me giggle immaturely. ^^) She was not happy.

"Turn off your light before they ruin my porch! Oh, and so you won't get attacked if the house burns down."

We have fire plans in place. Skye and I are to open our windows and get out of the house that way if we are ever trapped by flames.

So, now if there is ever a fire at night, not only will I be singed I'll be scratched by bats. ._.

*Kiki laughing*

I actually think that is cool. How crazy am I? I like bats. We used to go swimming at night when I was younger and my parents weren't divorced and bats would flock around the pool and sometimes swoop really low. I would lay on the surface of the water and watch them. Also, once I was walking with a friend or one of my cousins (I can't remember which) and a bat flew so close to my head I think I felt a wing or something hit me. I freaked out and did a full circle of throwing my hands around my head (I was a chicken. ^^;) and whoever I was with said there was nothing there and it was probably a bird. I remember telling them that it was a bat because of the infestation of them. That was the summer where there was a ton of bats around. I have no idea why though.

I've got to clean the house later today. Last night (If you count 3:30 am as Sunday morning XP) Mom came in my room while I was listening to Clever Sleazoid and sat on my bed to tell me. Before that though, she fake-danced to my music. -_-; My mother danced like a dork to Clever Sleazoid. Wow.

I'm off to try and sleep. Or just go read fanfiction and deal with being tired tomorrow. Eh.
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