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Finished Book and Tattoo Pics

There are NO spoilers in this post!

So, it's done and over with. The Harry Potter series has ended. I'm sad it ended but I'm even more sad over how it ended. I'm not saying anything specific or spoilery because...well I just don't want to. I've ranted on this with my younger sister and that's what I'll do on a post. Just keep going and going, and I just don't want to. =)

All in all, it was an interesting read. Kind of dull in parts but it had it's exciting and dramatic moments. There were moments were I smiled and cheered and others where I cried and asked why J.K. had to do that.

I'm glad I read the book. It's the last one, I kind of had too. XD But reading it hasn't dulled my ability to imagine an alternate ending or redo a lot of different parts in the book. I've done it with all the others and it crossed over to this one. =) I do look forward to the fanfiction that will come of this book, though. XD

And on to the next subject! My tattoo! ^_^

My tattoo pics. XD

My tattoo. It's around 4 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inches wide. (Those are approximate guesses, by the way. lol)

The bandage I had on my tattoo. I just think it looks neat. XP

It took around 30 minutes to get it done and it hurt like a bitch. lol I don't want another one for a while but I have no doubt I'll get more. XD

And to a happy, happy subject...One of my friends is having contractions! XD *dances around* She 'll be going to the hospital in a little while and hopefully little Charlie will be born soon. I just need to go and buy him an outfit tomorrow. =/ I've already got some diapers, pacifiers, socks, and wipes for him but I need the outfit to tie it all together. Plus, I love looking at baby clothes. XDD

And that's it for now. I'm talking to said friend on IM while she waits for her husband to get home. So, I'm leaving. XD *waves*
Tags: pics, real life, tattoos
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