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It's one am here on the East Coast so that means it is officially Friday. I am going to make this post and then force myself to sleep. Meditation and Higeki Ha Mabuta Wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu (by Dir en grey) will be used if necessary.

I've got a busy day tomorrow. There are few minutes to spare...I also have Saturday filled up. I envision being in constant movement until Saturday night.

Friday includes: Cleaning, a meeting with someone who will be explained in a later post, cooking dinner, picking up two friends to go to a Harry Potter midnight party.

Saturday includes: Waiting in line for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (it will be midnight so therefore technically Saturday), completely freaking out over the fact that the book is in my hands, going home with friends and forcing myself to put the book away so I can get a few hours sleep before work, waking up, grabbing Deathly Hallows to read during the few minutes I will not be busy, driving said friends home, going to work, going home, and then getting ready to celebrate my 22nd birthday.

Said 22nd birthday will be spent at a tattoo parlor with my family where I will receive my first tattoo. ^^ I'm planning on a Chinese dragon. We will see if that idea goes through, though. I've wanted a tattoo since I turned 18 but after a long talk with my mother (whose first tattoo was at 34, I believe) I decided to wait until I was sure I wanted my skin marked for the rest of my life. Yes, tattoos are removable but the procedure can leave scars, are very high priced and said to be more painful than the actual tattooing. All things to consider.

But back to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Since I'm sure there will be crazy speed readers (and people who will just skim through the book for the good parts) that will surely post spoilers, probably within a few hours of the release of the book, I am going on a small internet hiatus. There is no way I will be spoiled after all these years. Not. A. Chance.

I should have this book done by Sunday night, if not sooner as I desperately want to know what is going to happen. I shall see you soon, friends! *waves* If you are planning on buying the book I hope you enjoy it and if you are not a Harry Potter fan or are only a small one, I wish you luck in surviving the upcoming surge of Harry Potter mania. XD

Ja ne, minna!

Text is mine but banner is credited to wicked_visions
Tags: real life
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