Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

A ton of Harry Potter babbling...You have been warned. XD

Alright, so I saw Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix today with my mother and younger sister. o_o *fangirl squee* It was SO awesome! And there will be no spoilers in this post. Just thought I'd mention that since I cannot have been the only person to almost jump away from the computer every time I saw the words "Harry Potter" while I was "pre-moving viewing."

I mean people have been posting all kinds of stuff with no warnings or LJ cuts. (Haven't seen that many of those here on LJ though.) I've been a nervous wreck! And I couldn't go by myself because my mother is a HP fan and so I was nice and said I'd wait until she had a day off of work so we could all (Skye-chan, me and Mom) go together. But because I did that, I risked being spoiled! I have the 5th book, although I haven't read it, but I read fanfiction and stuff on forums and, of course, the text on icons (lol) and well, I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen in the movie. -_-; BUT (again), it is just principle! Why even risk spoiling people who didn't know which parts of the book were going to be in the movie or not? There should be courtesy rules, people! Wait at least a week and half or 2 weeks and give us a chance to see the movie without having to stand in line on opening day with a bunch of 13 year olds.

*deep breath* So, sorry my lovely f-list for the crazy freak out rant. I get very...possesive and defensive and just plain crazy when it comes to my obsessions. ^^;

But back to the actual movie (Still no spoilers happening, people, just a reminder. ^^)..there were a ton of shippy scenes between Harry and a TON of different characters. Male and female. If you ship Harry with anyone, then you more than likely will giggle and think about your favorite fanfic sometime during this movie. XP

Also, does anyone else talk to the characters in movies or shows? And does that cross over when you go to a cinema/theater? Because I do that. I was talking to characters during OotP and calling them idiots when they were doing something I didn't think they should be doing...I'm pretty sure my voice stayed lowered though. ^^; lol I just like to talk and I can't help it.

Hmm...Do I have any other news that is not Harry Potter related? Not really. I've been in an icon making mood but have yet to actually work on some icons. -_-; Ugh. I don't know why either. *shrugs* I'll probably start some soon. In between reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Priince, which I would really like to finish before I get the seventh and final book. (Only 2 more days!! XDD)

Oh, and hello to the new people that have been added to my friends list over the last few days! *waves* X3

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