Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Posting when I should be sleeping...

So, I feel like posting something even though I really should be trying to sleep. =)

*shrugs* Eh. Whatever.

I didn't sleep last night. ^_^ At all. Then at 8-ish am we get a phone call that the doctor's office can get Skye-chan in at 10 am. She noticed a strange rash on her arm Friday afternoon. By Saturday afternoon we knew it was a spider bite, more than likely caused by a Brown Recluse (Wikipedia is my friend. =3). But we are a southern family so we didn't panic. Spider bites are common down here. You don't go a year without having someone in your immediate family, extended family, or a friend or a family member of a friend getting bitten. XP (Ok, so maybe it just seems that way. lol)

We were going to wait until Tuesday because that was the only time the doctor's office had open but, surprisingly, they had one this morning. So, I take her and end up dozing in the waiting room...and then again in the examination room. XD I manage to wake up for the doctor and she tells us that the spider bite is really a spider bite (Confirmation, and all that) and gives Skye-chan a cortisone shot. (Hand-holding ensues...Also, my mother should be very thankful that I have the horrible habit of biting my nails, because, ouch. XD)

So, Skye-chan should be on her way to healing now. =) Yay. Although, I'm wondering if the venom from the spider bite effected her mind because yesterday she gave me a 100 userpics add-on using her $1 gift certificates from taking LJ surveys. *laughs* My younger sister is very wonderful! I can now go icon crazy! Whoo!

I am now being bugged by a friend on IM so I must go. Eventually, I will sleep tonight! YOSH!

Oh, and in my last post I mentioned posting some pics of my house and everything, which I'm still planning to do. ^^; We'll see how long it takes me to get the pictures taken and the post up.

Tags: real life
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