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A whole bunch of blah...

Mercury is in retrograde and it's being a bitch. Cancers beware.

My mother is feeling horrible. Her shoulder and back are hurting and her doctors are being idiots. And bastards. Basically, they are being the standard. Very few doctors are great, some are ok and the rest are just bastards. *shrugs* I've been jaded.

She's working on finding another doctor to go to...Which, of course, means research through her insurance and back checking to make sure the doctor she does find won't be going off of her insurance. *sighs* It's just been a really difficult last few weeks.

Mom, Skye-chan and I went to the dentist on Tuesday. I've got cavities that need fillings. -_-; That's going to be fun.

Hmm..I like my little Daniel blah icon, though. =) I'm trying to focus on a lot of the positive aspects of my life. Mercury's retrograde is going to cause problems and I'm not letting them get the best of me. ^^ YOSH!

I've been thinking about taking a bunch of random pics of my house and the surrounding area so I can post them here and let everyone get a glimpse into Kiki's world. XD I probably will but it may be a few days. *shrugs* It depends on how motivated I get.

I'm going to go look for something for dinner. The cookies and milk I had for lunch have stopped holding me over. =3

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