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..Strange moods...

I bought myself a Paid Account! ^_^ Yay! and finally! I had a little extra cash so I just went ahead and bought one. I am enjoying the added Userpics. XD I've deleted a few and added a lot. ^-^

I'm still sort of sick. I'm not coughing as much and have moved to the sniffles, which is so much better than drowing in mucus. So, that is a yay moment. =)

I've been feeling weird lately, though. Kind of, just, blah...maybe. I'm not entirely sure what it is but I get this way every now and then. *shrugs* I tend to blame it on neurosis.

I completed my Kyo claim for jmusic50! XD (The post is here if you've yet to see it.) I'm proud of myself for getting it done and also on a lot of the coloring. I've learned several good ways to get a lot of varied types of coloring and that makes me happy. =)

And, now, I need to go check my email. XP

Tags: real life
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