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I'm sick. -_-; I've been living off of cold medicines and cough drops since Thursday. I woke up on Friday with my throat so sore that I ended up crying from the pain. Skye-chan has been great with taking care of me though. She made me ramen and chicken on Friday. ^_^ But due to being sick I didn't have much of an appetite so I ended up eating a little bit of it Saturday morning..

I'm doing better now...Well, my throat isn't as sore and my temperature has gone back to normal. I've been coughing like crazy and am congested. *sighs then has a coughing fit* Being sick just plain sucks.

Tomorrow (Technically today, as it is 4:00 AM Sunday) is Father's Day. (Well, at least here in the US. ^^) I doubt I'm going to feel well enough to go see my Daddy. Or go to the Father's Day lunch my grandparents are supposed to have. Skye-chan is annoyed because if I was feeling well enough to go anywhere she thinks we should go to Daddy's house and not to our semi-new grandparent's (Stepfather's parents) house.

I've got 4 icons made for my jmusic50 Kyo challenge. -_-;;;; Kyo! Damn it! Inspire me!!! >_< I've got no clue what's wrong with me and this challenge...I'm blaming it on the cold and if I'm still not going crazy with this challenge like a should be when I get better then I'm going to think of a different excuse figure out what's wrong with me.

*nods* YOSH!

I found the vid of Miyavi speaking english at Jrock Revolution. ^_^ He sounds so cute. Miyavi is just...all kinds of love. =3

...and the end. ^-^
Tags: real life
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