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Updates and a meme!

Alright, I'm bored so I'm making a post. XP

So, Saturday I went to one of my closest friend's house where we...waited 4 hours for downloaded porn. Which ended up not working because she didn't have the right media player to play it on.

*blinks*....*crickets*...*Kiki laughing hysterically*

Yeah...We didn't get to watch any porn. So, we substituted with fanservice. XD Her boyfriend cringed when he saw some guy/guy kissing. I did try to warn him about certain parts in vids I had already watched but on the new ones I, of course, couldn't give him a warning so he eventually laid on the floor and fell asleep.

Kyo-chan sleeping! XDD

He was adorable. =3 We eventually stopped our fangirling, woke him up and went to watch horror movies. XD

And now for a meme stolen from ka_dono. ^_^

Pick three aspects of my life for me to photograph. You can say something specific (e.g. "your room") or more vague (e.g. "something red")

Give me something to do, people! >_< *lol*

Tags: meme, random, real life
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