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Stuffs..O.o hehe

Ok, so I've got my laptop back from Gateway and it's perfect and wonderful and I'm just very happy that everything is still on it! *sighs in bliss* All is well. ^_^ I'm very thankful I got to use Skye-chan's recently fixed lappie while mine was getting fixed but nothing compares to all my features, and icons, and all the things that are mine. XD

My Uncle and Grandmother left yesterday so I got to sleep in my own room last night. =^_^= That was so good! (Yay for no more sleeping on the trundle bed in Skye-chan's room! XD) It was a good visit, all in all, though. Except for the cat attacking my Uncle, my Grandmother crying occasionally, and the fact that I had to wash a dog. Still, it was pretty good. ^_^

My mother finally got around to getting me the coffee maker she promised me. It's not the one I originally wanted but it's still great! It's a red Senseo and I love it. She also got me a ton of pods for it. =3 Yay!

I need to make some icons. =/ No, seriously. I have the Kyo challenge at jmusic50 so I actually really do need to make some icons. lol ^^ Hopefully, I'll get to work on those soon.

And now, I'm going to go check my other email accounts while I remember to do so. ^_^ Ja na, minna-chan!

Tags: real life
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