Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

*hugs laptop* I've got internet access! Whoo!

I've got a working laptop so I now have internet access back! XDD I'm so happy...But I'm also tired so it's more a calm happy. lol

I'm going to spend the next hour and probably 2 hours tomorrow just going through my friends' page. But that's ok because I love you guys and have missed you so much! *hugs all my friends*

And now for the stuff you've all missed. XD My Grandmother and Uncle are coming tomorrow and are going to stay with the family for the next week...Skye-chan and I have been cleaning for the last 5 or 6 days. -_-; But it's worth it because I've missed my Grandmother. =) And my Uncle...Although, he tends to go on about the civil war a little too much. Eh, I love him anyway. XD

I've moved into Skye-chan's room so my Grandmother can have mine, which I'm not too happy about...But I want my Grandmother to be comfortable and she wouldn't be in Skye-chan's room. Plus, there is no space for Skye-chan in my room. lol ^^; (She'd have nowhere to put her stuff because I am a pack rat. XP)

Ok, well, I'm off to check my friends' page and find out what's been going on with LiveJournal. XD

Ja ne for now, minna-san!

Tags: real life
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