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Christmas is over...

...and it is time to countdown to the New Year. :P

This year's Christmas was great! I had fun with the family and got a lot of money and presents! :P

My mom ended up getting me a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff because she found it on sale. The cat has stolen my Jack Skellington fleece blanket, though. ;) She also got me a purple sweater that I love and some fantastic jewelry. I also got a lot of DVDs as well as some cute pencils and other little things for uni.

Skye got me a beautiful wooden box and an organizer - which I need! I got her some baking stuff and so did mom. :D She also got two DS games, some plushies, and DVDs.

I got some nice things from my stepfather's side of the family this year, too. A new nightshirt (it has cats wearing scarves on it! Scarves! <3), some notepads, and a really cute Christmas stocking. They also gave Skye and I $100 each.

I got a lot of really nice things this year and had a blast with my family. :) I hope those of you who celebrated Christmas had just as great a time. <3
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