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LJ Promotion Thing-y

...Just edited this whole post cause I had it all wrong. XD;;

So, LJ's holiday promotion this year is $10 coupons.

It is not the best deal ever but I still sent out some coupons, anyway. :)

If you set up automatic payments you can get a year's paid account for $9.95 (after using the coupon for $10 off). Another option, if you do not want to set up automatic payments, is a decrease in the price of paid accounts. They will be $15 (after using the coupon) instead of $25.

These coupons do not work on renewing paid accounts, so if you do have a paid account I can not give you one. =/ BUT if you have a basic or plus account, and I have not already sent you a coupon (I sent out 4 of my 10), I will send you one if you want! :)
Tags: friends, holidays, lj
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