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Good gods, she is still alive! :O

I cannot believe it has been this long since I have updated. I am almost in shock! This new university is way more work than I would have thought. Well, actually, I do not even know if it is the university or just Japanese. =/ That class takes A LOT of time to study and prepare for.

I have been kind of burnt out this semester, too. My sleep schedule is completely messed up and I keep getting insomnia on and off. That plus the hour drive to the school kind of makes life tiresome. *sigh*

Life isn't bringing me down that much, though. :) I have had some sad and stressful moments but I have managed them well. Overall, I have stayed my peppy self. :P

I am working on banners for my icontests right now and Skye (my sister to those of you who are new or did not know) is helping out. She did all the catch up for our shared icon contest and is doing the banners for one of my other contests right now, as well. You rock, Skye! <33

Let's see, let's see, other big things...Oh! I am seeing an advisor next week to begin the planning for studying abroad in Nagoya for a year. That will happen next fall though so not right away. :) It is looking like a friend of mine will be going there too at the exact same time. And my new best friend is probably going to Nagoya in the Spring. Yeeessss, I don't have to go alone! X3

Sorry that this post is pretty much school related and short. I am in lab right now, waiting for class to start so I do not have much time. :) This week is going to be pretty busy for me (finals are next week -.-) so I do not know when I will next post but I promise that it will happen and that it will not be all about uni. ;D

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