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Time for a quickie. ;D

I'm bored in the hallway at school waiting for Japanese to begin. I've been waiting here...oh, an hour and a half? ._. I've probably got another 30 minutes before some friends from class show up to keep me company (and then another 30 minutes before class actually starts!).

I got a small cold over the weekend. DDDX IT BEGINS AGAIN! *flail* I rested, drank fluids, and consumed cold medicine like it was going out of style! Next week, flu shots start being given out so I'll be getting one of those. (^o^)v And then I'll get the H1N1 vaccine sometime in October. I am not getting sick this year, damnit! >.< Okay, so I probably will. -.- But I will not go down without a fight! RAWR!

Anyway, I really need to get better at managing my icontests. -.-; I felt SO bad having to extend everything this week. ;_; And more extensions will be coming up because I am going to AWA in a few weeks. That, I probably will not feel guilty about though. :P Sorry, icontest sweeties! I love you all bunches but I deserve a weekend away from my life! XD

Of course, before I go to AWA I have to write...*counts*...4 papers. o.o I, actually, did not know it was that many. Ha. Okay, no, I can handle that. Maybe.

Oh, well. I'm ignoring that for now. Off to check my email, bbs!
Tags: college, vacation
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