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It lives...IT LIVES! O.O

...My god, I'm tired and insane.

I have not updated because I have been enjoying life WITH NO COLLEGE CLASSES. *dances* Okay, so classes start again next week and that sucks so freaking hard but for now, I am free from school. From any intellectual thought at all, really! Although, that is the standard outside of my classes. :P

I've went on a crash course of new addictions. I watched all of Hetalia and wandered around the fandom. I have watched A Very Potter Musical three times in as many days. *points to icon* If you do not know what A Very Potter Musical is, go find it on YouTube and watch it. Now. (Yes, now.) I sort of started to like Fresh Pretty Cure. *wince* I watched one episode and hunted down fanart. :P

Old stuff that was promised (and I never did cause I suck procrastinate. XD;):

My Birthday: Went fantastically! :D Mom got me stationary/desk stuff (which I love almost as much as pens!). Skye got me a new purse (*squishes Skye*) and wallet! :D I also went to see Half Blood Prince with my BFF and her boyfriend as a special treat. That was fun and resulted in us outside the theater mocking the movie and being ridiculous.

Tiff's Cast: And Cuteness! She actually got her cast changed last week to a different style that lets her move around easier. :)

I will hopefully post more this upcoming week and if I do not do that, well, you will end up seeing me around a lot more when I go back to school and have classes to bitch about. XD Luffs you guys! <3
Tags: anime, college, fandom, hilarity, life, pens are love
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