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I have yet to die!

...I think I've used "I'm not dead!" as a subject title before so I decided to spice it up. :P

To sum up my absence from LJ:
- School sucks and is evil and is hard
- Transferring schools sucks and is evil and is hard (forms and immunizations and a Tuberculosis test DD:)
- The anniversary of my Grandmother's death. Not the funnest time for me. ):

But onto happier things! My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 24! I shall celebrate by going to class, going to get a tuberculosis test and then going to class! Whoo! \(^o^)/ LOL! In all seriousness, it will end up being a good day because I am just peppy like that. XP Plus, I told Skye and Mom that I did not want anything for my birthday and then they went out and bought me stuff. I cannot wait to find out what they got me! Skye looked so suspicious. >.>

Oh, and I got a Heresy (the GazettE fanclub) pamphlet thing-y in the mail last week that I will be scanning soon. So, those of you who friended my because of my ~*illegalness*~ will have it paid off soon. :)

Anyway, I have to go get started on a Spanish paper I have to write. But I've missed you guys and I hope to check out everyone's journals soon! *squishes f-list* <33
Tags: college, fanclub related, whoo!
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