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...I need some sleep. I have had a lot of trouble falling asleep for the last week or so. I did not sleep at all some days, actually. Thank goodness I have the next week off of school. Of course, my Spanish teacher assigned a composition along with several pages of homework to have done before classes begin again. ._. *sigh*

Anyway...A big hello to all my new friends here on LJ! :D *waves* I believe most of you have friended me because of my the Gazette ~illegalness~ over at rllysrsphotos. ;D If you have not been friended back by me, it probably means that you never told me that you were friending me. =/ You need to do that soon if you want to get added back.

I did not sleep Friday night so I went icon hunting instead. ^^ Last night, I removed a few from my userpics and added around 10 or so. I, of course, have a TON more that I want to add but I get paranoid about filling too much of my userpic space and then not having room for more icons. o.o; I think I need therapy.

An update on this post: Tiff's surgery went fine and I visited her that night. She reached straight up for me and starting babbling away. :) I could not hold her which upset her some but we held hands and clapped and she ended up being really content with that. She looked like she was on some good drugs too. :P She only stayed in the hospital overnight and she is back home. As soon as I get some pics, I'll share them. :)
Tags: friends, medical stuffs, my babies, work, yay for icons
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