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New Icontest Community! ^_^

Ok, so I've created a new icontest community, jmusic_abc. XD It's an alphabet icontest, like anime_abc, only it focuses on Japanese music. Any Japanese artist is allowed, so go check it out!


I've got all the rules set up and everything I just need more members. Oh, and feel free to tell your friends about it. ^^;

And now that the shameless self pimpage is done how about updates on my life? ^_^

My laptop has broken. *forced smile* But it's ok. I'm going to go take it to get fixed, I've saved all my files, and I'm using the very old computer sitting in the bonus room in our house.

Although, it will, more than likely, take weeks for the laptop to get fixed and the internet on this old computer will run out on Friday because we switched to Broadband instead of dial-up a short while ago. *deep calming breath*

But there are libraries near by I can go to...and I've got a friend's house that I frequent on the weekend and they have a highspeed connection, so I should be covered. Also, the internet is like crack for me so I'll pretty much do anything to get my fix. XDD So, I should manage.

And that's really all that's I'm going to go finish checking my email. And steal some of Skye-chan's spinach dip. XP

<33 Kiki
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