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...Owwww. *whines*

I have an allergy headache. And an allergy throat-ache. And an allergy body-ache. ;_;

At least, I hope it is allergies. If it isn't then that means that it is a cold or something and no. Just no. *sighs* God, I hate my immune system so damn bad.

I have too much stuff to do to get sick. I need to post winners and reminders for my icon contests (which probably won't get done tonight since I feel miserable DID IT! :D Go me!), make graphics for x_makeawish_x (I will get to them soon, I swear!! x.x;), I have to give a presentation in Spanish class tomorrow and then study for my Spanish final that is on Monday. I really cannot get sick now.

I think I need to reply to some comments here on LJ too. ._. I have no idea which ones, though. *scratches head* I think I probably need to just go to bed.

*wanders off*
Tags: sick, whining
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