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I suck at updating don't I?

...You guys can be honest. :P

In all seriousness I just haven't been in the mood to update or even really be on the internet. =/ Most of it was probably me feeling really out of it from the pain and nausea meds I was on after the wisdom teeth surgery. I have never been on Percocet before but at least now I know that I like them. XDD Ha! Just kidding! They worked well on the pain but I had really weird dreams while on them. o.O

Then I started my summer college classes this week and that was just a bowl full of fun! ._. I have a night Calculus class and I am taking a half-semester Spanish course. I started that class on Monday and I had my first test on Thursday. O.O Por Dios. But I've mostly gotten used to the schedule and homework now. :)

Lena wanted pics of my new laptop so here they are! Laptop Closed & Laptop Open (oooh, LJ!)

It is pretty, huh? ^^ I am still hating Vista, though. *grumbles* My PSP8 won't let me crop without crashing. >.<;

Well, I've got to go get ready for work. It looks like on top of everything else I am probably going to start nanny-ing at night again. It will probably only be once a week, though, instead of 5 days. So that is something. :)

Oh! And I've got two DreamWidth invite codes if anyone wants one. :D
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