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My wisdom teeth are finally gone!

...And I never have to go through this agony again! Whoo! :D

The following has some talk about IVs and pain. Nothing too graphic but I don't want anyone on my f-list to get upset because I did not cut. :) <3

I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth removed by the dental surgeon on Monday morning. Unfortunately, he could not get an IV started because I have horrible veins. ;_; They are small and deep and it has been a challenge for me to get IVs since I was little and going through all my past medical problems. =/ The dental surgeon (Dr. W) decided he did not feel comfortable trying anymore so he gave up.

Dr. W then got his office manager to call the local hospital so someone more experienced could try. They scheduled that for today; basically I would go somewhere to get the IV then my Mom would drive me over to Dr. W's office. I ended up going to a Cancer outpatient place (they are used to bad veins) in the local hospital this morning and they were great. It did take two tries to get an IV started but the woman doing it was wonderful. <3

After that, Mom drove me to the Dr. W's office and I was in and out of there in 45 minutes. :) My two bottom wisdom teeth came out really easily and I only have one stitch from where they had to cut out my upper impacted wisdom tooth. I had a nap when I got home and woke up in pretty bad pain. The doctor prescribed Percocet, though, and it is working really well. ;P

And that is it! I was really nervous both today and yesterday but it turned out all right. I'm expecting more soreness for the next few days and I cannot eat any hard foods yet but I did get some yummy mashed potatoes for dinner! :D

Oh, and I forgot to add in my last post that I bought a new laptop on Sunday! ^^ It is an HP and silver (and shinyful, too! XP). I'll be "customizing" it and adding all my stuff onto it in the next few days. Then maybe it will start to feel more like my own. <3

I am off to bed right now. :) The meds are making me feel pretty loopy. It is a nice feeling. XDD
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