Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Nicked from melinen...

Because I'm bored. ^_^

I'll tell 10 things about myself that I expect no one of you knows. If someone knows one thing, you can reveal me and I have to tell one new thing. After this I'll challenge 10 people in my friends-list to do the same in their journal.

1. The name I go by is 4 letters birthname is 10 letters long.

2. My sister once tripped on the porch when we were younger and broke off her toenail. I hunted it down because I wanted to keep it. XD (I was a strange child. lol) I ended up dropping it under the front porch, though.

3. My favorite number is 13.

4. Friday the 13th is a favorite day of mine and has always been rather lucky for me.

5. Dr. Pepper and cappuccino are my favorite drinks.

6. I collect stuffed animals and each and every one of them has a name.

7. I told my mother I was bisexual in an argument over the fact that I liked yaoi and slash. She had asked if I was "that way" to give her argument more credit and try to stop me in my tracks...Needless to say, when I answered yes, she was shocked and the argument turned into a nervous conversation about my sexuality.

8. I played the violin as an extracurricular activity in middle school. I quit after I had a mini nervous breakdown in class.

9. When I was around 9, I had nightmares for over a year when I watched one of the Chucky movies. Now, I love horror movies, though.

10. I have 9 piercings and I want more. ^_^ Although, my mother is dead set against me getting anymore in my face. XP

I don't specifically challenge anyone...If you want to do this go for it. ^_^
Tags: meme
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