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Finally better! :D

Hey, everyone! :D

I am finally feeling much, much better. This post is in fact days overdue...I've been feeling better for a while. ;D Unfortunately, I missed so many of my classes that I have spent the last few days holed up in my room studying. ._. It has not been fun. And it is still not over yet. I have a speech to write, a huge midterm project to do this weekend, and I have to study for a make up test. Lovely.

Let's move on to a better subject, yes? X3 We finally got some snow here! It was great! Well, except for the power going on and off. XD;; That was kind of annoying. Oh, and so was getting hit by hail while trying to load groceries in my car while at the grocery store. That was before the snow started. ;DD

Oh, I finally gave in to curiousity and checked out the band Tokio Hotel while getting better. Aaannnd, now I'm hooked. Like I needed another band to make me spend my money. XDD

Now, I'm off to check my f-list and see what you all have been up to! <3
Tags: college, music, sick
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