Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,


Hi, everyone. Just a quick update while I am feeling half-way decent. I have been really sick since Tuesday. I had a cold that morphed into a stomach bug. That plus past medical problems equals a really sick Kiki. ):

My doc put me on two different nausea medicines and gave me a different pain medicine instead of the one I normally take. They are helping but I still am not eating. Luckily, I am keeping down enough liquids that my doc (and my mother) don't think I need to go to the hospital.

I just wanted to keep everyone informed on why I wasn't around. When I get back to my normal internet-addicted self, everyone will have to update me on what's been going on in their lives. :)

Love you guys! Do yourselves a favor and try not to get sick, all right? ;D

Tags: sick
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