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I cannot sleep. D: And my nose is so stuffed that I cannot use it to breathe. Damn nose.

Skye asked me earlier this afternoon if I would want to go to the mall with her today. I honestly don't feel like it but I may just because I need to stock up on more good tea.

I've been having some weird dreams since I've been sick. Last night I had a dream where Lena (scwolf_10k) and I owned a small clothing shop. I walked into the shop and Lena was cooking, like, 10 plates of food in a microwave. I helped her finish cooking them and by the time we were done and sitting down to begin eating, only 2 plates were left; the other 8 had magically disappeared or something. o.O Then Lena starts sewing a whole bunch of clothes and we talk about how my kids will wear clothes from the shop and Lena said something about it being the same with Kaoru? XDD; That was when I noticed that in the back of the shop there were all kinds of visual kei outfits; black leather, PVC, and all that good stuff. Apparently, Lena is some sort of champion seamstress! :D

Towards the end of the dream Lena started ignoring me (;_;), so I grabbed some books (I think I might have been the store's accountant or something) and walked around looking at a bunch of clothes.

Then I woke up. lol! I felt really weirded out that I had that dream but I was pretty happy that it featured Lena! <3

I wonder if I'll have any more crazy dreams tonight or if I managed to drug myself enough that I'll just be completely out of it? :P
Tags: craziness, sick
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