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I feel miserable. D:

I have got a cold. *sigh* It hit me Monday afternoon and is now bombarding me with its evil. ;__;

Anyway, I promised to post about my trip to North Carolina and since I am feeling decently well drugged up on NyQuil I thought I'd do it now. 8D

My mom, Skye and I drove up Saturday and got to the cabin while my uncle and his family were out at the grocery store. It took us maybe 20 minutes of hunting until we found the little road we were supposed to drive up. And then up we drove...on a tiny, curved, scary as Hel road. o.o; After we got to the cabin we snagged a room, explored, and then figured out how to work the TV. ;D

The Cabin was gorgeous inside and so was the view. ^^

After a little while my uncle, his wife, his girlfriend, plus my cousins and then his girlfriend's kids show up. (My uncle is polyamorous, it is one of the "open secrets" in our family. :)) We all goofed around, started up the hot tub and the grill, and ended up having a wonderful time.

I had one incident where I almost stepped on a cricket and then freaked out because I thought it was a giant spider. XDD;

It ended up being a lot of fun. :) I want to do it again but I definitely want a cabin closer to the bottom of a mountain. LOL!
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