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Icons, homework and pens, oh my!

I just went userpic crazy. 8DD I added a bunch and will probably end up adding more soon. I am in such an icon mood...I keep hunting through posts and oohing and aahhing over all the pretties. XDD

I need to do my accounting homework. :X It is hard and usually takes hours to do. It is 9 p.m. where I'm at. Yeah...I am so screwed.

BUT I did do my economics homework! :D I drew some graphs online. I felt all technical. <3

I have a list of other homework that needs to be done eventually; most important being writing a 4-6 minute speech. I am finally taking a Speech class. *sigh* I love my teacher, I like the class in general, but damn, I am not looking forward to having to write a speech. Especially since I am going to have to time it to 4-6 minutes or get points taken away. >.< I am nervous about doing the speech as well, but I usually do not mess up too much when talking in front of a class. Just gotta be careful of those nervous habits. :D

Dude, I bought more pens the other day. It has morphed into a problem. ._. My stepdad and I had a blast doodling with the Pentel Outline markers (yeah, plural. I cracked and bought two more. 8DDD;), though. XDD My mom told us that we both had issues. XP

I made the icon I am using for this post. I thought Kyo's crotch needed to be happier. *nods*
Tags: college, organizing, pens are love, yay for icons
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