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Pens are so much love! :D

...So much love that I need a pen stock icon that says it! XP

lol I joined the community organizers after I saw it in the LJ spotlight area and I adore it. It has inspired me to keep a planner instead of many small little to-do lists that get stacked on my bedside table. ^__^ I do have one there now but that does not count. XDD

Anyway, because of this, I have gone pen and Post-It crazy. I already had boxes of pens because I love them but now I have an excuse to start buying more. I have spent WAY too much money on pens in the last week. The only positive I can find is now that I have realized I have spent too much I can finally restrain myself from buying any more. XP

My favorite "pen" so far is the Pentel Outline Marker. It writes in silver ink outlined with a different colored ink! I have the silver/green combination but there are 4 other silver/-color- types. I just spent 20 minutes doodling on one of my notebooks with Skye because the pen was SO AWESOME I had to show her. lol It is really thick (the ink and the actual point of the pen), so it is not so great for writing in small print. I will probably use it to decorate the pages of my planner or the planner itself. :)

I am in the mood to look for some new icons and possible upload a few to my userpics. And maybe I will get around to making that pen icon. ;D
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