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...Alo, iubirea mea, sunt eu, fericirea....

So, I guess some updates on my life are in order for those of you out there that actually read my journal. XD

Mother's Day was nice. I bought my Mom a green cake carrier...thing (O.o) from Wal-Mart. Even though we had gotten her 3 ceramic garden accesories a few weeks ago, Skye-chan and I felt bad about not having anything to give to Mom on the day of Mother's Day so, enter the cake carrier...thing.

We spent the evening at my stepdad's parents' house with his sister, her husband and her kids. Said kids are very young...Although, the oldest is actually very cool for a seven year old. =) She's not overly "girly" for a girl her age and she loves dinosaurs (she can actually pronounce their names. *shock*), bugs (Well, for some she only enjoys reading about them) and plants. She enjoys studying things and the last time I was over there we took turns reading her library book about poisonous plants and mushrooms. ^_^ She's really sweet...As is her sister who is almost four. lol That little one's mouth does not ever stop moving. She's explained to me what happened in several different scooby-doo episodes. XD Kawaii!

...Skye-chan was bored out of her mind. I think the highlight of her time there was sharing a piece of the chocolate cinnamon cake we had made with me.

Hmm..Oh! I found the Numa Numa song! XD It's been stuck in my head for the last few days. I find myself randomly singing lyrics or humming the tune at odd times. lol

I need to post some icons. -_-; I've got a lot ready to post but I just haven't been in the mood to work out an icon post. I'm anal picky so I'll have to categorize everything and I kind of don't feel like it. =/ I probably will soon, though. So, if you care, be on the look out! XD

And on the note of icons...This one *points down*

won first place in japanawards! =^_^= *squee* My first ever first place. (Banner can be found in my banners and awards post.) I'm such a show off.

Speaking of icontests..

Do any of you like Malice Mizer? Moi dix Mois? Mana? Gackt? Kozi? Shwarz Stein and anyone else associated with the production label Midi:Nette?

Do any of you make icons?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, maybe you'd like to check out the icontest community midinetteicons? Please?

And really? I should beg for people to join comms (where I mod, by the way, so you know we are friendly! ^^;;) when I have a bigger flist and people will actually listen to me. -_-

Heh. I amuse myself. XP

I have some new cute pics of my cat, Sunshine and one of my snake, Sassin. Please excuse the blurriness of some of the pictures. Blame my shaky hands the camera. #^_^#

They are adorable, aren't they? XD Well, I'm off to check my email. If you really want to see some icons soon, post a comment and tell me. ^_^ In fact, if you have anything to say about this post, post a comment. =) I am a comment whore. Hmm..Maybe whore is too strong. Maybe just slut...

*ponders while wandering away*

Tags: rambling, real life
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