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First post of '09!

I had hoped to make the first post of 2009 a bit earlier but...I had nothing to post about really. XD;

My last post sounded a bit whiny and I regret that it was the last post of the year. =/ But I was stressed and it was honest so, eh. I'll deal. :)

New Year's Eve was actually not that bad. :) The kids turned out to be okay although I did sleep through the beginning of 2009 (Oops >.>;). lol My boss did not show up until 10:30 a.m. and I was really upset about that since I assumed she would get there earlier; she had hinted at actually arriving at 4 or 5 a.m. and just crashing on the couch until the kids and I woke up so, yeah. ):

I had a small breakdown on Friday solely because of stress from work. I made Skye cry because I was so upset. ;_; *huggles Skye-chan* Tomorrow, I am going to talk to my boss and make sure she is looking for day care because I do not think I can handle 5 college classes, work, and my medical issues. So, hopefully by the end of January I will be free. :)

I went to visit some friends and my daddy, yesterday. <3 That was really nice; I have not seen my friends in forever and I do not get to see my daddy much. (My friends live near my daddy who lives around 40/45 minutes away from me. ;_;)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2009 so far! ^__^
Tags: family, friends, stress, work
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