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Christmas Haul!

Christmas was amazing as usual. :D Gone by too fast of course but still wonderful. I woke up Christmas morning to Skye staring at me waiting for me to wake up...She apparently had been up for a while and had finally gotten bored enough to make random noises until I jerked awake. -.- Ah, well, that will be a habit she never breaks so there is nothing I can do about it. ;D

Now to the presents! :D (Stealing kismekilmeluvme's format on this. XD)

From Skye
- 3 journals
- An insanely expensive pen set. <3

From Daddy & His Girlfriend
- Fancy Vanilla scented bath set (Lotion, soap, shower gel, scrub brush)
- Candy! :D
- Gloves
- A battery-powered toothbrush (Daddy's Girlfriend said it was irresponsible to give out candy and not give out toothbrushes. She is a sweetheart. :))

From Stepdad's Parents (Granny & Papa)
- Slippers
- $70 (Granny had given us $50 but we woke up this morning to gorgeous cards and $20 extra. She felt like she had not given us enough. D: That woman is so wonderful. I cannot believe she thinks we did not get enough.)

From Mom & Stepdad
- 4 Movies (White Chicks, Hellboy 2, I Am Legend, Fellowship of the Ring & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
- Anime Sets (Betterman, Serial Experiments Lain, Gundam Wing)
- Jewelry
- 2 pajama sets (penguins and snowmen! :D)
- Shoes
- Candy
- 2 Grabbags from the anime convention we went to in September. (I got a Yuki Sohma rat purse, a figurine, a t-shirt, cat ears, bunny ears, 2 mini-purses, and an Ichigo Kurosaki figurine keychain.)
- Little penguin glass figurine (Skye has named him Pay-Pay)
- A lot of other knick-knacky stuff. ^^

Gifts, I gave

To Skye
- An obento box
- Jeff Dunham Christmas Special DVD
- Achmed the Dead Terrorist dog tag
- A glass figurine of a fairy and a butterfly

To Daddy (from Skye, as well)
- A DVD with 2 western movies (My daddy loves his westerns. :D I grew up on them. ^^)
- Another DVD of westerns.
- Homemade cookies
- A popcorn tin
- Godiva chocolates
- We also made him homemade lasagna for lunch when we went over to his house. <3

To Daddy's Girlfriend (from Skye, as well)
- A candle set
- A set of toe rings

To Stepdad (from Skye, as well)
- Mini Deep Fryer
- Peanut Oil (We cracked up when he opened this. ;D)
- Hickory Farms cheese and sauces

To Mom (from Skye, as well)
- 3 Glass Figurines (Piano, Giraffe, Pixie)
- Flour sifter
- 2 cooking pans
- A new easy-grip can opener (my Mama has carpal tunnel D:)
- A (cute!) reindeer nightshirt
- A set of new Tupperware

To the toddler I look after
- Disney Princess doll
- Disney Princess coloring book with crayons
- DragonTales DVD
- Purse
- Cute little watch, bubbles, and mini-frisbee inside of purse

To the baby I look after
- Set of 9 mini-books
- Baby Einstein book
- A new baby doll
- No Spill sippy cups

To the mom of the little girls I look after
- A gold vase that has a little metal candle holder on the inside.

Christmas was wonderful. <3 Not only all the presents I got but the fun I had on Christmas day. I even got to organize my dresser drawers! :D (I love doing stuff like that. ^__^;)

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful holiday season! X3
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