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The awesome that is scwolf_10k and holiday wishes!

LENA! I got your gift! *glomps you* I cannot believe you sent me the UROBOROS DVD! OMG I love you so much! Not that I didn't before, of course! ^___^ Also, the little lady bug is on my mirror and the handmade (o.o You are seriously talented lol) ornament is on our Christmas tree. :D I love them both, as well. <3

This has been me today: I baked, went to visit my Daddy, cleaned, set up for Christmas morning (organized presents and set up blankets and pillows in the living room floor) and a ton of other things. Good grief, am I tired. BUT very excited. :D I always feel, like, 10 on Christmas. rofl!

Have a great holiday season, everyone! :D

Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays!
Tags: christmas, friends, holidays, whoo!
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