Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Bored.....No. Seriously.

Oh, man! *holds head in hands* Insomnia so sucks! >_<

Generally, I'm ok with it...I'm a night person anyway and doctors, or a doctor as the case may be, have explained to me that your body will sleep eventually so 'there is no reason to sit in my office and cry during a panic attack.' XD hehe I find that amusing now but seriously, I don't like that man. *chuckles* Hmm. I find it odd how I'm laughing about that...Eh. I think it's dementia or somethin'. *grins*

The point I was trying to get to above, before I was sidetracked (which I often am, as my mind is usually on several different subjects at once.), was I'm ok with insomnia unless I am BORED! *sighs* Which is why I'm posting here. This will give my brain something to do. ^_^ Yay!

Sooo...Gred and Charlie are coming over tomorrow. Along with Kyo-chan and Senoba-kun...maybe. I think. Also, Ta-chan could be coming too...But I don't know. >_< I swear no one except for me is organized in my group of friends.

Anyways...They are going to come over so yay! XD I foresee us walking around, hanging out in the cemetery, and listening to music. Basically, what we do every single time we are together at my house.

Oh! I downloaded Sensitive Pornograph! ^____^ Yaoi! *squee* I think Gred will like it...*smirks*...I could probably get Charlie to watch it and have her freak out and blush! ^_^ Really though, it's good. Has a nice little plot to it, too. *giggles*

Oh! Again! *snickers at self* I downloaded some Dir en grey PVs, too! XD *more squee* From HERE! I watched Yokan a little while ago...again. I love Kyo in that one! ^^

Hmmm...I cleaned today. I hate cleaning...except for when I'm stressed. I'm a stress cleaner. Yep. I also don't mind cleaning my own room. Which is always neat and everything has a place. A form of control due to stress in my life...'It's my space. Mine. I have control over it and so I keep it neat and perfect to my standards.' That's courtesy of my previous therapists.

I bet only, maybe four people are even reading this. If you are actually reading, feel free to comment! *big smile* You have no idea how much I LOVE them. ^_^ I don't care if it's about a random memory that hit you will reading this...or just a comment on whatever.

Also, I am on the hunt for the song 'Dragostea din tei' aka the Numa Numa song. Any one know the one I'm talking about? O.o The one that has spawned a thousand fanvids? (Just like every other thing nowadays. hehe I wanna see one about trees! XD) lol

Here is the fanvid I keep watching so I can here the actual song ::

Jrock Numa Numa Dance *giggles* Go Myv, Gackt and L'arc! Whoo!

Anywho...If anyone out there knows where I could get a download tell me, please! *cuteness and chibi eyes*

I guess this is getting a little long. And I do need to at least try and get some sleep. Until, later, minna-san.

Ja ne!

<33 Kiki
Tags: boredom, real life
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