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OMG It is over! *sobs*

My final exams are over! XD I finally get a break from school...Hopefully, this means I will not be so stressed. ;) Skye and I are going to celebrate this weekend with a movie and maybe some Chick-fil-A. ^___^ I am tempted to celebrate with a new piercing because for some reason I am DYING for one. That could be because I pass a piercing parlor on my way to school everyday and every time I see it I think about getting one. XD; Alas, if I get another piercing not only will I have to pay close to $50 for it, I would want it to be a lip or nose piercing and my mother has forbidden any more facial piercings. Poo. =/

It is the holiday season so that means wrapping tons of presents and Skye bugging me. "What did you get me?" "Seriously, just tell me!" "We should open our presents that we got each other as soon as mine arrive from wherever you ordered them from. :D"

She really does not like surprises. XD *giggle* I, on the other hand, forbid people to even hint at what they got me. I love the moments where I am completely shocked or so surprised and happy that I literally bounce around the room. X3

I still have not sent out presents to certain LJ friends yet (*cough*Lena & Jessie*cough*). >.>; I am waiting on one gift to arrive and looking for a box to put the other person's gift in. ^^;


This brings me to the next part of my post: Would anyone like a Christmas card and possibly a small gift (I need to go over my bank statement and factor in my upcoming pay check first to see if this is a possibility ^^)? If so, you can leave a comment with your address (all comments are going to be screened on this post) or Private Message me your address. :)
Tags: christmas, college, holidays, lots of happy
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