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I want a permanent account! \(>.<)/

No, seriously. I am dying for one. *sigh* All those userpics.

I am going to beg my mom to help pay for it as a Christmas present. I tried to con money out of Skye by offering her the rest of my paid account time (which you are allowed to give to another user when you purchase your permanent account) but she said no. D: Psh, she would not even give up $15! I should not even give you the paid account time, Skye. I should just make myself another account! That'll show you! Haha! *evil*

Gotta get back to work. The baby is finally down for her morning nap so that means I have a room full of toys to pick up and a kitchen to clean.

...and I will do all of that while dreaming of a permanent account. *sigh*
Tags: lj, random, whining
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