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My life is going good...

...beyond all the medical crap. ;D Which, I do not feel like talking about so on to better stuff!

School is almost over! Whoo! XD When this semesters ends I am going to just fall to the floor, roll around, and giggle like a psycho. Yeah, I am really ready for the holiday break. ;) With school, work, and being sick, life has just been too stressful and I need more of a break than just the one day a week where I do not have school or work (Sundays, I <3 you).

I only have one more week of official classes and then the week after that I have finals. I am only worried about the Chemistry one, as I have a low grade in that class due to getting sick. It is the end of the year and, as with most science classes (in my personal opinion), there is more information to cram into our brains in a short amount of time. =/ History I am going to pass with an A, cause I know how to take notes unlike the other whiners in my class. (Our teacher got fed up with the grades and stopped handing out his own personal notes. People bitched; I tried not to giggle too loudly). Spanish will be passed with a B, unless I do amazingly well on the final in which case I might pull an A. I doubt it though, but that is okay because a B is not bad and I do pretty well for a person who has missed a ton of classes this semester. ^^;

One of my best friends is now pregnant. :) She is happy about it even though it was unplanned and I am happy for her and for another one of my best friends, her boyfriend. I am to be a witness at their marriage ceremony which will take place at a courthouse somewhere on some day. -.- The girl does not give me any information, I swear. But I am happy because I shall be a godmother or an aunt; I cannot decide on what I want to be termed as and I need to bug my friend and her husband-to-be some more to see which one they really want. ;)

That is it for now! I will be making another post soon about more stuff I want to post about. I have lot of things built up you know! (Not really, but you all know my life is not terribly exciting anyway. Hah!)

'Bye' from a very cheerful Kiki!
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