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Update on the post below.

So, I did go to the doctors and other than a painful finger stick (OW! My finger still hurts! >.<) it was not a painful experience. XP

My primary care physician (a family doctor, no specialty) prescribed me a medication which is helping the problem. But I emailed the doctor who cured my disease (a specialist in another state) and he said this medication could stress my body and I probably need to get off of it. I have only taken it once so no worries yet, though. :) He suggested a few ideas to the problem and then referenced another specialist to me...that specialist said some of the same things and then expanded on them and then suggested I find a specialist closer to my home who would be better suited to dealing with my unique case. So, it looks like I will be getting a recommendation from my primary care physician on who to go see. Yay, more medical bills! lol!

Hopefully, whenever an official plan gets settled on I will feel better and my friends and family will not be so worried. :)

I will be sure to keep everyone updated! :D
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