Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Quick Update ^_^

Konnichiwa, minna-san! ^_^

I've FINALLY found a layout that I like! XDDD *squeeness* I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one that will work in plus that I actually like and doesn't annoy me. I'm unbelievably picky selective. Oh, Hel, that shouldn't be striken, because it is true...I'm picky and I'm not afraid to admit it! *raises banner* Gotta love my weirdness. And to those of you that don't know:

Kiki + tired + night time = even more crazy

And moving on...The layout was made by eye_horus OF da_les. (I do so love pimpage. ^_^)

DSL was installed...By me. -_-; Yeah, that didn't go so well. I got it done within an hour but there was some ouchies and some not-so-nice language.

But the point is, it's working and I'm very happy! ^_^ Skye-chan has been watching Loveless and I think Gluhen is next on her list. I've been watching PVs and viewing a lot of icon posts that I couldn't before. XD

We (Skye-chan and I) watched Stargate Atlantis together...It was AWESOME! I officially love whales more than I did before. (I'm an "Animals are much much better than humans" person. XP) I actually made an icon of a Rodney and John interaction...(Those are the best! XDD) I'm posting with it *points up* but here it is again!

Feel free to take and, as always, credit is not neccesary. ^_^

The scene itself was hilarious. By the way, Radek is total Czech awesomeness!

And now, I'm done with the fangirling. XD Thanks and goodnight to those of you that actually read this far. =^_^=

Tags: real life
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