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Schoool >.

So, college sucks. :D

Actually, things are not going bad at all. I would just rather not have to hurt my brain with knowledge. XD; A friend from my Spring semester Spanish class is in this semester's Spanish class with me. :) A girl from my chemistry class is in the same math class as me and we chatted before class began today. She'll probably end up being my lab partner so I hope she is not, you know, stupid. ^^;; I'm awful! History was all right, I guess. =/ I am not too fond of my teacher but we'll see how he does the next few classes. ;D

All in all, school is fine...except for the fact that everything is unorganized right now. That is the worst part; It will probably take until the end of next week before I settle into the routine of school and stop feeling so stressed. Oh, there is also the fact that I have to get from my chemistry class, which is on one end of the campus, to my Spanish class, which happens to be all the way on the other side of the campus, in. fifteen. minutes. O.O Luckily, I only have to do this two days of the week but it is still awful. Especially since parking is practically non-existent at that time of day near my Spanish building. =/

Eh, I'll manage. X3 I think I will go skim my F-list for a bit. That is another problem with school right now, I'm so stressed and busy that I haven't had a lot of 'net time. D: If anything important is going on in your lives, tell me! I really do care and want to know! Don't hate me! DDDX

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