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....Cannot think of a subject line. -.-

1. I have a meme that I need to do and I have not done it! >.< *smacks self* Everytime I remember it, I am either turning off my computer or too lazy to do it. =/

2. I can feel my Harry Potter mania poking me in the side. ("Why, hello there, HP mania! :D") Half-Blood Prince is coming out soon and I already feel excited! Especially since the first trailer is everywhere. (Ah! Kid!Voldy is creepy! XDD)

3. I love Germans. This is NOT worksafe, people! Do not view around parents or people of authority...that do not have a sense of humor. :D I added that last bit because I have shown this to my mother who cracked up laughing. XDDD Seriously, I want to own this book just for lulz. XP

4. The end! :D
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