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*singsong* Updaatiii~iing...

So, today the boss man (Father of the two lovelies I nanny/babysit) did not mention anything about coming over tomorrow before he left for work this morning. This is usually always a sign of him not having to go to his second job and means I get to sleep in. Yay! :D Except, apparently, he merely forgot to mention it and I have now found out that I do have to work. And don't get to sleep in. D: *grumpy* ...Well, nothing I can do about that, I suppose. Except for giving him the evil eye tomorrow. :D

And an update on my Grandmother. She passed away Saturday and my mom and stepfather left on Monday to attend the funeral. My mother tells me that it was very lovely and that the butterfly releasing went well and not too many of the butterfly were dead/died. (I told her this happened with butterfly ceremonies. ^^; They tend to die in their little packets or something.) I did not mention this sooner because I felt like my journal was getting to emo-ish and I also was not ready to deal with it. I am feeling a lot better now, though. :) She was a wonderful woman and the only thing I truly regret is that she will not be able to meet any future children that I have. But I can always tell them all about her and share my memories with them. :)

Moving on. ;)

I will be posting a meme (or two) soon as well as that post on tattoos that I promised a while back because my birthday is in a little over a week! XDD Which means I have to figure out what will be put on me and where so I can have my traditional masochistic fun. X3
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