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Back Home...

The family and I are back home. Grandmother is still alive but is still expected to pass soon. Mom and Stepdad wanted to come back home and get back to work since they cannot afford to miss too much. I need to get back to work as well, but my boss is more understanding then theirs are. :)

It actually looks like I may not be able to attend my Grandmother's funeral when she does pass away. That depends on when it happens, though. I cannot miss anymore school than I have...and I should not either. Missing a math class really throws off my game and I have to study twice as hard. With the way my mind is right now, that is probably not a good thing. lol There is also work to consider. I like my boss and the girls I look after very much and I do not want to effect any of their schedules. *sigh* If it comes down to it, I would be alright missing the funeral, I suppose. I love my Grandmother but her entire life is not going to be at that funeral. I have my memories of her and those are what are important.

I am so not in the mood to talk about this anymore. ^^; Hmm, oh! Do you all remember that dragon egg I posted a while back? Well, all your clicking helped and it hatched! :D

Adopt one today!

Isn't he cute? :D I named him Avak. :)

I also adopted another dragon the other day and it has already turned into an adult. o.o How it did that I have no idea.

Adopt one today!

I named this one Dragica. ^^

Click them and be amazed. XP (Seriously, Avak needs clicks to grow!) Oh, I have to go. The cat is throwing up a hairball or something. o.O

ETA: The cat is fine and the hairball is cleaned up. Also:

Adopt one today!

I adopted another egg! :D
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