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That which doesn't kill you... will probably try again.

Ok, so I studied for hours this afternoon for my math test. And I think I retained most of the information and did decently on the test. I actually feel I only had small-ish problems with maybe two or three problems. Not so bad. Except that the test was only 8 problems long. Eight.

...*grabs pillow to scream into it*

I love my teacher. He is nice and he does explain things well. But that is just plain insane to put only 8 problems on an 100 point test. The first test of the semester. *sigh* Man, I hope I did not do horrible on it.

But onto better things that don't stress me out as much! :D

I updated my userpics! ^__^ I took out three and added a bunch more. *happy*

I do not remember if I mentioned if but the family I babysit/nanny for is on vacation so I am off this week! XDD I am loving sleeping in! Although, I am missing my little girls a bit. ^^

I have started seriously considering the design of my next tattoo. ^___^ I will probably make a post with descriptions and example pictures soon. :) (Of course, I will be open to suggestions. 8D)

That's it. I have got around 3 email accounts to check so, I'm off!
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