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Gotta love shopping when there are sales...

So, Mom, Skye and I hit several stores since all kinds of good sales are going on today. :D

I bought a Nintendo DS game ("My Spanish Coach"), a new frying pan (Yay cookware!), and a cute purse that was only $2.63! o.o *sighs happily* I love buying stuff. Which I proved when I got home and ordered another Nintendo DS game from Amazon as well as the Miyazaki film Howl's Moving Castle. XDDD

Tomorrow I have my first math test. >.< I need to study. ._.

Skye and I keep discussing what we want to name our future children. She has all of her girl names decided while I have one boy name decided. =/ I cannot think of decent girl names for the life of me. I do have another boy name in mind, although I cannot think of a middle name for 'Seamus'. ^^; Hmm. I guess that is just something to think about some more.

Oh, and no, neither one of us plans on having children any time soon. Skye says she will wait until she meets someone to start thinking about having a family and I plan to try and get my first Ph.D before I start my family. We are just crazy people who think about stuff like this. :D

I am now going to check my friends page and see if I can find anything to help me procrastinate from studying precalculus. ^__^;
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