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I can sleep in tomorrow! *dances*

Ahh. The end of the week. :D Now for some quick updates on my life! ^____^

1. I have started my summer class! 8D I have had two class sessions and they have not been too bad. Although, I hate graphing and oh, look at that, my class is pre-calculus. -.- But class has been interesting enough due to the fact that my teacher is Japanese. XDD He is very nice and I grin so hard during class because he has problems with his r/l pronunciation. (This also makes me focus very hard in class. The very first mention of "parabola" made me thankful math teachers actually teach by sight. ._.) Oooh! And he reminds me of Radek Zelenka! *squee* Although, the only reasons I can see are the hair and the shoes. ^^; I...cannot really explain my eccentricities. (Ha! Math pun! XDD)

2. My mom is leaving to visit my Grandmother tomorrow. Grandmother is doing as well as is expected. She only has a little hair left due to the chemotherapy/radiation but she likes her cute hats. <3 My mom is having to deal with the Grandmother situation and the fact that she is also about to lose her job. =/ She will still be able to find one at the USPS but all the details are up in the air. (Shift time, location, et c.)

3. This afternoon I went to the gas station to fill up the car and I forgot to close the gas cap and the gas cap door. *facepalm AND headdesk combo :D* I noticed it quickly and pulled over to close them both but I cannot believe I forgot in the first place. >.< I have been very tired today but I did not realize I was that tired! Anyway, you all have my permission to point and laugh at me. XD;

4. That is it! :D My life is boring. Deal with it, f-list; I manage to! XDD lol
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