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I am stuffed. :D

We went out to eat at Olive Garden tonight to celebrate Mother's Day. <3 We ate at 5:30 pm and right now it is 8:30 pm....Three hours later and I am still full. o.o I even had to take half my plate home in a to-go box along with my dessert! >.< Oh, but it was so delicious. *sighs happily*

The blog crews that I have joined have spawned three posts. ^__^;;;; I have them listed in my userinfo and I wonder if that is a good thing. (The shame. Oh, the shame. lmao) Seriously, I have problems. I get addicted to things too easily. Yet when talking about my medical history to friends/family my mother always talks about how easily I came off prolonged usage of heavy narcotics really easily. So, apparently I do not get addicted to the really good stuff. lmao

Today I helped Chibi Tay make a Mother's Day card for her mommy. X3 That was fun and it was so cute when she gave it to her. The girls are doing okay and tiring me out. x.x Tay has decided that Tiffany's new exersaucer is hers, though. *sigh* That is frustrating because I now have to constantly keep track of where the exersaucer is in comparison to Tay. I have to do this because the girl will break that thing if she tries to get into it without help. And even if she does make it into the little seat it will not be comfortable for her. She is a skinny girl but she is three which makes her much too old to be playing with such a babyish toy. Honestly? I probably would not have as much difficulty with Tay wanting to play with the exersaucer if it was not for her mother putting her into the thing after she got finished putting it together. That was a big mistake. Tay is going to be having a tough time dealing with a new sibling as Tiffany gets older (Tiffany's first birthday party is going to be Hel. Unbelievable Hel, people) so, she does not need to be confused on what is hers. It needs to get explained by a parent that Tiffany needs special baby toys to help her grow and be strong and that Tay does not need to play with those toys because she has her own. Deities, help me when Tiffany's crib gets put together and I have to go through that drama with Tay.

Ok, so that got rid of some frustration! :D Moving on...

Tomorrow my family is going to get together with my stepfather's family for a Mother's Day supper. Yay for southern home cooking but not so yay for having to leave the house on my day off. I wanted to stay in my pajamas all day and do nothing but be on the internet, listen to music, and randomly get up and bug Skye. XD I wanted a laa~aazy day. XP But I messed that up by coming out of my mother's womb and making her a mother. (>o<)/ rofl!

And now I leave on that note of crazy to go take care of voting for naruto_awards. :D
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